Automating SonicWall NetExtender

Just published to my Github a Python script that automates logging into NetExtender with us of PyAutoGUI.

This script will take static variable inputs then try launching NetExtender and looking in with those preset login information that was provided in the script. The script will also error check making sure that the service and the application are started and if they are not it will go ahead and launch them.

Most of this is statically set like, Username, Password, Server IP, Domain, and the location of your NetExtender install.

The Github repo provides the needed images for the script to run, so make sure you download those as well. Images may need to be updated if you are using a different version than SonicWall NetExtender 8.6.263.

Here is the repo:


How to hide Virtual office Download Links in SonicWall

Some of the times the SonicWall Virtual Office page does not have the latest version or most stable version of NetExtender so sometimes you would like to hide it to prevent users from downloading it. Here is a simple Javascript way of doing so.

Default view

In the Sonicwall head on over to your Portal Settings page and then inside of the Home Page Message box put the following:

x = document.querySelector(“form”);
myDivs = x.querySelectorAll(“div”);
myDivs[1].style.display = “none”;
myDivs[2].style.display = “none”;

Now when you visit the page it will look something like this:

After applying the code