Cybersecurity News

Here you can get some of the latest news and events in Cybersecurity. This site also has some good tutorials and Virus Removal Guides.

Just another news site reporting about the latest threats.

naked security
I always liked the news content that came out of here. I was not happy when Sophos took the site over but the content, for the most part, did stay the same and was not all about Sophos product advertisement.

Brian Krebs writes about the latest Cybersecurity issues and also has contacts inside of some of the worlds most notorious hacker groups. Generally if you see any news outlet reporting on some ransomware, they have contacted Krebs to comment on the event.


A very professional community that will help you along with figuring out any networking issues you have. Just don’t post any Home Networking or your post will be quickly removed.

Here you can find some of the latest news about ransomware, malware, and just general findings. There will also be the common HTB (Hack the Box) walkthroughs as well.

Anything server or client-related and whether it is Windows or Linux here you can find some of the brightest and harshest people that can resolve any issue. Just make sure if you post here, that you have dotted all the i’s and crossed all your t’s as they will make fun of you for the simplest of mistakes.

Here is a humble group of people that just like messing with anything technology-based. They are also a wealth of information on how to build out home labs and do some home automation. You can freely ask any question here, but be ready to share your designs and all the hardware you have in your lab, they will want to know.


This YouTube will walk you through, in high detail, how to exploit systems and find errors in code.

Packet Pushers
A group of networking engineer professionals that cover everything from some networks to large data centers and lately have been covering Cloud networking as well.

Very much a personal opinion here, but I believe this Youtuber is one of the best that goes through HTB walkthroughs and explains everything in a very clear and concise manner. I find myself watching them just when I am bored.

Corey Schafer
This is one of the YouTubers that I started watching when really getting into Python programming. Corey goes over all of the topics that a beginner and intermediate programmer would need.

The Coding Train
A JavaScript programmer that gives highly advance tutorials on JavaScript languages, primarily p5.js. Very enjoyable to watch and really shows off how powerful JavaScript can be.

Here is a list of Hardware YouTubers: JayzTwoCents, Bitwit, Linux Tech Tips, and Paul’s Hardware

Honorable Mention:
If you got into any sort of programming several years ago there is no way you did not watch one of his videos. Today, some of the information is not relevant, like Python 2.7 tutorial, but still overall amazing content.

Twitter that big on Twitter but I do follow some on there.

Here are some of the HoneyPot information Twitter accounts I follow:
@honeytweeter (Blackrain)

Speedtest Sites

Here is a list of publically hosted Speedtest sites that I use. If ever possible, I prefer to use iPerf but when on customer locations that is not always possible.

Ookla Speedtest
Fast (NetFlix Speedtest)


There are several really good programs here that help in gathering information from a client machine that aids in troubleshooting. There are also several automation tools as well.