Started off my career in IT in the United States Marine Corps, learning everything from simple client deployments, to complex network design and security policy implementation. If possible, I would find my way to touch and learn every piece of equipment and software available.

After 4 years in the Marines went to college at University of Advancing Technology in Tempe Arizona. I got my BAs in Network Engineering and Network Security.

First job was as a Enterprise Technical Support Engineer at SonicWall with a specialization in the UTM and GMS/Analyzer product. Also, assisted in designing, growing, and maintaining the reproduction lab for the other support teams in that location.

After SonicWall, took a position at Western NRG in California as a Remote Level 2 Support Engineer. Western NRG is a SonicWall partner that focuses solely on SonicWall products so this was just a little side step in what I was doing at SonicWall Support.

I have scripted in Bash, Powershell, and Python. I script primarily to assist in automated testing and configuration of SonicWall products.