SonicWall Stack traces, tasks, and Services Explained

Just wanted to share out this information from some old notes that I had collected during my time supporting SonicWall Firewalls. Some of this information may be out of date and it is all based on the firmware before SonicOS 7 came out. The intention of this article is to...Read more

CMU – GHOSTS and use in your Home Lab

CMU GHOSTS is a user simulation tool built by engineers at CMU for their CTFs and Cyberwarfare training. They have published this code to their public Github for others to use. This is a really great tool even for home lab environments where you want “real world” like data and...Read more


To understand more about what is written below you will need to understand DNS itself before reading below. Cloudflare has a great article on this: What is DNS over HTTPS (DoH)? DNS over HTTPS, commonly referred to now as DoH, is a new protocol sending DNS traffic using HTTPS...Read more

Automating SonicWall NetExtender

Just published to my Github a Python script that automates logging into NetExtender with us of PyAutoGUI. This script will take static variable inputs then try launching NetExtender and looking in with those preset login information that was provided in the script. The script will also error check making sure...Read more
SonicWall Lab Automation – Entry 1

SonicWall Lab Automation – Entry 1

On this past Friday evening I wanted to set a goal for the weekend and what I came up with was a script/Module in Powershell to automate my SonicWall lab. The entire goal of developing this would be to save all that time waiting for firmware upgrades and factory reboots...Read more

How to create a logoff Icon on Desktop

Step 1: Right click on desktop then select New then Shortcut Step 2: Put in the following information in the empty field: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /l /f Step 3: Change name to Logoff Now you should have this icon To make it look more like a logoff button Right-Click on the icon...Read more
How to hide Virtual office Download Links in SonicWall

How to hide Virtual office Download Links in SonicWall

Some of the times the SonicWall Virtual Office page does not have the latest version or most stable version of NetExtender so sometimes you would like to hide it to prevent users from downloading it. Here is a simple Javascript way of doing so. In the Sonicwall head on over...Read more

Locking Down SonicWall Management

This post is all based on 6.5+ SonicWall UTM firmware. Most of this does apply to the SonicWall in general but some features may be mentioned that are only available on 6.5+ To start this of, we will first need to talk about a unique feature of the SonicWall. An...Read more

Getting Started with SonicWall UTM

Now in general with any networking appliance many thing you just plug it in and start configuring it for the needs of your network. But, there are always something here that in best practices terms should be completed before doing so to ensure optimum use of the appliance or even...Read more